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Goldilocks of Productivity


Why notebooks, journals, and planners? 


Well, I'm that friend some of you have, the one that has tons and tons of them.  All shapes, sizes, colors, formats and textures. 


Why do I have so many?  I've been on the hunt for that perfect one. 


The Goldilocks of productivity you can say.

That one notebook, planner or journal that will keep me organized and on track to accomplish my daily to-dos and achieve my goals.  I never found the right one and my home filled with unused or half used books.


Then it hit me.  Why not make my own?  I could make that perfect planner, notebook and journal I’ve been searching for.  I don’t have to worry about them …… 

  • being too large to travel with

  • being too small to hold all my to-dos and ideas

  • running out of pages

  • too many unnecessary pages 

  • lines being too dark or nearly invisible 

  • boxes being too small to write in 

  • being too flimsy to use  

I can make them just find for me.  My PERFECT notebook, planner and journal.  


Now, I want to help you create yours.  

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